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We are delighted that travel restrictions have been lifted between the 23rd December and 27th December People can mix indoors in homes, places of worship and in outdoor spaces. from 3 different familes

Currently East Lothian is in level 2 tier

But existing rules on hospitality and venues will remain and the bubbles people form must be "exclusive".This means people cannot get together with those from more than two other households and, once a bubble is formed, it must not be changed or be extended further.Travel restrictions across the four nations and between tiers will also be lifted to allow people visit families in other parts of the UK.

Coast Properties and our owners want to reassure all our holiday guests that we are adhering to Scottish Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19.  We are undertaking every measure to ensure your safety during your stay.  When you arrive you will see a cleaning checklist which details the extensive cleaning and sterilising the property has undergone prior to your arrival.  This will take our hard working cleaning team a little longer than normal to carry out .   
In order that everyone stays safe , including our staff we do require your help to maintain this during your stay and to help ensure this is maintained for the next guest too. Maintenance call outs will be kept to absolute emergencies only. 
It will be important that you do not arrive prior to 5.00pm which is a little later than our normal arrival times. and you will need to vacate by 9.00am, the cleaners will require extra time to prepare.  We will ask you to air the property as much as you can during your holiday. 
If you do show any symptoms of COVID-19, high temperature  continuous cough, loss of taste or smell prior to arrival you should seek advice from the NHS and or request a COVID -19 test immediately and, if tested positive you and your family group must not travel to the property.  If you develop any of these symptoms during your stay your whole visiting party must all return home immediately in order to meet Scottish Government guidelines. We are asking that you do not remain in the property.  If you can not go home, you will incur charges for the additional 2 weeks, when you must isolate, and an additional cancellation fee to cover the costs of refunding the next incoming guests. If you are in any doubt please seek further advice
 You must inform  NHS 0800 028 2816 and Coast Properties  if you have had a positive test. 
We want to ensure that we can continue to operate in the future and with your help many guests can come and enjoy our holiday homes and enjoy the benefits of being by the sea.

With best wishes Gillian